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Training and Development


●New Employee Orientation

Every quarter the company carries out unified new employee orientation, helping them to fast familiarize:

1. The company’s development history and general situation

2. Management theory and core business areas

3. Enterprise culture and core value

4. Staff salary, welfare and service

5. Management system and work flow they should know

6. Familiarize with colleagues and working environment, establish friend-sourcing initially.

●Career Development Training

Loncin has been always cared for employee’s career development, closely related employees’ personal ability improvement, constant personal value increase with the company’s development and strived to achieve mutual improvement and share development fruits.

●Enjoy Learning Plan: Loncin’s human resources department provides flexible and diverse learning opportunities to all employees, aiming at forging a platform for professional talents to communicate and learn from each other at the same time to meet employees’ working demand and the company’s management demand.

●One-Up WeChat Learning Platform: Loncin’s human resources department creatively built a new WeChat learning and innovating platform, providing employees with abundant learning information based on its fragmentation and mobility.

●Professional Training

According to the actual need of posts, Loncin gathers internal and external resources, carefully chooses domestic first-class training provider, customizes training courses with high expertise and practicality, enhances the improvement of internal professional ability of each business line.


●Leadership Cultivation

To forge a leadership echelon, Loncin sets up “Loncin Leadership Academy”, matches resources of good quality from home and abroad, builds a perfect leadership cultivation system, especially those professional managers and senior management professionals with entrepreneurial spirit.

● Three Career Tracks

Loncin plans three career tracks for employees career development—“supervisory sequence, professional sequence, investment sequence”. Loncin assists with the employees’ career development by carrying out specific qualification requirements, scientific evaluation and promotion mechanisms.

●Business Work Shift Plan

Loncin provides cross-sector and cross-regional (Chongqing, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, etc.) work shift opportunities for those with excellent job performance to enhance their integrative management ability.



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