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Public Welfare

Parts of Chariy Activities of Loncin

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In 2014, LONCIN donated 1500000 yuan to support the development of education in poor mountain areas, Shizhu County of Chongqing City
Since 2010, LONCIN employee care association raised funds of 3250000 yuan, rescuing and helping the poor households more than 2000 households
Since 2002, LONCIN has donated about 3000000 yuan, in the poor mountainous areas of Chongqing donated 10 hope primary school. And for more than ten years to support schools to carry out friendly visit
Since 1998, LONCIN donated nearly 10 million yuan, to carry out teaching assistants, agricultural support, improve traffic, help difficult masses work, aid the southeastern, middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River in poor areas
In 2013, Loncin 30 years, LONCIN in the first 30000000 yuan to set up a "LONCIN education fund"
In 2013, Loncin donated 2100000 yuan of goods and capital, to support the "4 • 20" Ya'an earthquake relief
In 2012, LONCIN donated 2000000 yuan, the completion of the "Tao Xingzhi life education base in Chongqing Yucai Middle school"
In 2011, LONCIN to the old fund of Chongqing city will donate 300000 yuan, to support the development of old industry in Chongqing City
In 2011, LONCIN donated 8000000 yuan to carry out new year sympathy Chongqing city sanitation workers the large-scale public welfare activities
In 2010, LONCIN donated 8000000 yuan in poverty-stricken areas in Chongqing city Tongnan County construction "Chong Kan Zhen LONCIN Tongnan ecological economic forest" project
In 2010, LONCIN donated 10000000 yuan to support the "Green River, Chongqing action"
From 2008 to 2009, LONCIN donated 3000000 yuan to start the "love project elderly poor minority area of Chongqing city"
In 2008, LONCIN has donated 5310000 yuan, for "5 • 12" Wenchuan earthquake relief
In 2007, LONCIN donated 1500000 yuan, flood relief work in support of Chongqing City
In 2006, LONCIN donated 5000000 yuan, the support of Chongqing drought relief work
In 2004, LONCIN donated 6000000 yuan, the establishment of "LONCIN Chongqing Yucai Middle School Tao Xingzhi scholarship"
In 2004, LONCIN donated 7500000 yuan, support Shiping Bridge Primary School expansion project
In 2003, LONCIN donated 2500000 yuan, Chongqing city to support the fight against "SARS" work
In 2002, LONCIN invested 3000000 yuan, to carry out "Jinlong motorcycle climb to the top of Mount Everest and the Guinness book of World Records" activity, a man driving a motor vehicle in climbing Mount Everest, the Guinness book of World Records
From 1999 to 2000, LONCIN invested 39000000 yuan, naming and support "LONCIN Chongqing football team," for two consecutive years among the Chinese Soccer League A semi-finals, and won the 2000 China FA Cup champion (western regions so far only the National Football Championship)







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