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Public Welfare

Responsible Loncin Practicing good deeds

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At all times and in all countries, the discussion and practice of “good” never stopped. In spite of nationalities, regions and rewards, “Love” exists in an endless succession on the planet we are living. On the path of practicing good deeds, there’s no difference in sequence or quantity. The founder of Loncin--Mr. Tu Jianhua benefited a lot from the reform and built Loncin into a thriving business titan in 30 years. Having come so far, Loncin has never forgotten to be thankful and never stopped to do charities.


Education at First   Campus with Love

Education is foundation, talent is insurance for a country to prosper and a nation to revive. For a long time, Loncin has regarded education as the key field of its public welfare and assisting education as an important form. So far, it has donated and built over 10 Hope Primary School and kept paying return visits, provided those children with consistent care. Besides, Loncin also provided property support for primary and secondary schools in various regions, donated 6,000,000 yuan to set up Chongqing Yucai Middle School Tao Xingzhi Scholarship, 7,500,000 to support the rebuilding and expansion projects of Shipingqiao Primary School. Loncin never stops to move forward while the thought of how to develop public welfare of assisting education more efficiently has always been in Tu Jianhua’s mind. In 2013, on the occasion of Loncin’s 30th anniversary, Mr. Tu launched “Loncin Educational Endowment” and its initial capital—30,000,000 was provided by Loncin Holdings Co., Ltd. Aiming at assisting education and cultivating people, passing on care and repaying society, the foundation of Loncin Educational Endowment will standardize and make Loncin’s public welfare cause in assisting education more persistent.



Helping the Poor, Spreading Love

Caused by different historical development, restricted by geographical environment, natural calamities and man-made misfortunes, poverty colony still exist. To help the poor, Mr. Tu Jianhua leads Loncin practice earnestly to repay the society. Loncin has helped poverty-stricken areas in southeast Chongqing such as Shizhu, Wulong and Tongnan for years, and has made persistent effort in rural construction, agriculture assistance, road and bridge works, orphans and widows condolences as well as care for left-behind children.

Loncin’s assistance work for people in poverty has a whole set of mechanism of gathering parts into a whole, turning divergence form of donation into intensive management. In 2009, Loncin contributed 3 million yuan to set up the “Southeast Chongqing National Minority Assistance Fund” to directionally help poor people in national minorities in Chongqing which has indeed solved their urgencies and improved their living conditions. This has reflected the fundamental idea of charity—to help those most in need.


 Fighting Earthquakes and Calamities, Taking on Responsibilities

Chinese often say, in spite of the mercilessness of nature, real good does exist in the world. Faced with sudden natural disasters, human beings are so petty and fragile. In people’s concomitant and interdependent relation with nature, it’s the strong spiritual strength and sense of survival that enable human to carry on and survive generation after generation.

In the wild flood and waterlog in 1998 which has brought people irrecoverable pains, Loncin donate a sum of money the first time to help flood-stricken people in the lower-middle reaches of the Yangtze River. In 2003, SARS which was still fresh in people’s memory chilled people’s heart. In this critical moment, Loncin donated 7 million yuan in total to support anti-SARS work. The earthquake in Wenchuan in May, 2008 is a dark memory that Chinese would never forget and erase. Loncin donated 4 million yuan and 100 generators adding up to 300,000 yuan, Loncin staff also spontaneously donated about 350,000 yuan. Love was gathered continuously.


Protecting the Environment, Reaching Down Good

The earth on which we rely for survival seems to be strong can sometimes be moody and brings people severe calamities. On the other hand, the earth has become fragile after billions of years of operating especially in the recent thousands of years, people’s exploitation and digging has caused serious damages. As a responsible enterprise citizen, Loncin consistently advocates and insists in energy conservation, emission reduction and environment protection to leave later generations a blue sky and clear water.

In 2010, Loncin launched the “Tongnan Ecological Economic Public Welfare Forest Project”, invested 8 million yuan special fund, carried out million mu forestation project, formed over 1-million-scale economic forest zones and forestry economy output value of about a hundred million yuan, directly benefiting over 1,000 poverty families in rural areas. In September, 2010, Loncin again donated 10 million yuan to fully support the “Greening Yangtze River Operation” to bring benefit to local residents by improving coastal green ecological environment.


Admitting Labor, Caring Staff

With a mere snap of the fingers, 30 years have passed in which ups and downs, difficulties and hardships have all turned into Loncin’s wealth. Today’s Loncin has developed into a large holding group covering industry, finance, pharmaceutical, real estate, investment and other fields. By the end of 2013, Loncin had over 13,000 staff and 33 billion yuan total assets, paid taxes of over 6 billion yuan and has been among the “China Top 500 Enterprises” for the 12th consecutive year. Besides, Loncin has made continuous breakthroughs in admitting labor and paying taxes as regulated.

As a responsible enterprise citizen, Loncin isn’t only glad to do charities, but also cares and cultivates internal employees. Action speaks louder than words, Loncin set up the first enterprise employee care organization in Chongqing private enterprises—Loncin employee care promotion association in 2010. Till now, Loncin has carried out “Party Members Donate Twice, Others Donate Once” charitable donations, raising up to 3.25 million yuan poverty alleviation funds and helping about 2,000 poverty-stricken families.


Assisting Weaker Industries

Loncin considers fulfilling social responsibilities is not only “giving fish” but also “teaching them how to fish” which is also one of Loncin’s characteristics. As an investment holding group, besides shouldering directly conventional business operation responsibility, Loncin indirectly bears the special social responsibility to “teach them how to fish”. By operating its own business, Loncin indirectly realizes its assistance to weaker industries. In time “blood transfusion” helps those enterprises to develop soundly and healthily, gradually complete their own “hematopoietic function” so that they could develop and grow day by day. This undoubtedly is a “teaching them how to fish” action that indirectly benefits the society.

The “teaching” action also takes root and spreads quickly in many Loncin subordinate industries. Hanhua Financial Holdings Co., Ltd. tried hard to break the bottleneck of financing difficulty of small and micro businesses and individual workers which has added up to over 50,000 small and micro businesses, created newly increased and stable working population of over 300,000 and business scope of almost 100 billion yuan. Loncin Real Estate (Group) Co., Ltd. has totally financed almost 7 billion yuan to launch big construction projects in border and poor areas such as Wulong, Qianjiang, Fengdu and the three gorges region, forcefully boosting local economy to develop at fast speed, pulling industrial integral elevation, admitting large amounts of unemployed rural labor and helping more rural households to shake off poverty.

Thirty years of persistence and paying finally get Loncin encouragement and affirmation from all sectors of the society. In 2009, Loncin was awarded by China Charity Federation “China Charity Outstanding Contribution Enterprise”; in 2013, Loncin was awarded “2013 Practicing Public Welfare Award”. As honors come in continuous crowds, the responsibility grows as well. Faced with these halos, Loncin never got arrogant because the ultimate pursuit of Loncin enterprise culture is “Reality, Good and Beauty” while the essential core is “Responsibility”. Loncin only has one simple principle that runs through it all—“Assist Public Welfare Down-to earth, Do Charities Heart and Soul”.





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