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Company History


The development of private company can never be separated with two elements: the gradual open-up national policy and a far-sighted and pragmatic private entrepreneur. From the “Individual economy supplements national economy” policy at the initial stage of the reform to today’s “Individual economy is an important component of China’s market economy” policy, Loncin had been through a process filled with hardness, persistence, innovation, joy, trust and vision under Mr. Tu Jianhua’s guide. Nowadays, promoted by China’s “comprehensively deepening reform” policy, Loncin is taking on a more vigorous look in healthy development.
The development of Loncin verified a famous saying: “The thing matters most in the world lies not in where we are, but which direction we are heading for.”


1. Exploring (1983-1992)
“Thousand-feet-high trees grew from a branch in hand”. The year 1983 witnessed how Tu Jianhua started his business in several humble workshops in Tanzikou, Jiulongpo District of Chongqing. He has established metal drawing factory, tissue factory, prefabrication factory, plastic and rubber factory, engaged in steel storage and transport and metal material trade successively during 10 years of exploration to search for his own development path.
Ten years’ exploration and accumulation have cultivated his mind and nurtured his tenacity.


2. Starting Career (1993-2002)
In 1993, China’s motorcycle market was flourishing; Mr. Tu Jianhua seized the opportunity and set up Chongqing Loncin Traffic Mechanical Plant. Starting steadily from high-performance motorcycle engine, the plant extended its business into finished motorcycle production and then into general thermo-motive mechanical manufacturing. In ten years, the plant finally built the well-known reputation of Loncin.
In 2002, the sales volume and export volume of Loncin motorcycle engines, Loncin motorcycles and general mechanical low-carbon complete power equipment have been among the top in domestic peers.

3. Growing up (2003-2012)
In 2003, Loncin Holdings Co., Ltd. was established. It’s a diversified group including commercial manufacture, financial service, real estate development and resource investment. If the last decade were defined as the starting phase of Loncin, realizing the transformation from single product to the whole industry chain and low-carbon complete power equipment; in this decade, Loncin realized the transformation from a single manufacturing industry to a diversified industrial group, from single industry promotion to an integrative development of industry and capital.
In 2012, the pillar industries of Loncin Holdings—industry and finance both took the lead in the domestic market and the real estate industry had been ranked among the “Top 50 Real Estate Development Enterprises” the fifth consecutive year.

4. Forging Ahead (2013 till now)
2013 marked the 30th anniversary of the development of Loncin. At present, Loncin has grown into a modern private enterprise with clear strategic thinking who can organize, mobilize and gather resources in good order and develop corresponding advantages to achieve success. The driving force and influence Loncin has made on economy and the society, Loncin’s creativity and spirit in duty-performing are revealing day by day. On the celebration of Loncin’s 30th anniversary, Mr. Tu Jianhua clearly put forward the three development strategies of “Internationalization”, “Industry-leading” and “Management Innovation”.

●Internationalization Strategy
Under the overall arrangement of general development strategy, through actual target market choosing and proper market entry mode, we could accelerate the pace of connection with international superior capital, technology, talent and resource and gradually developed towards an internationalized enterprise relying on the present industrial and capital bases.


●Industry-leading Strategy
Make further efforts in enlarging, strengthening, deepening Loncin’s core industries thoroughly, strive hard to realize the establishment and maintenance of the industry-leading role. Focus tightly around the “Stability, concentration, standardization, benefit” principle to carry out work and the longitudinal development of the industry.

●Management Innovation Strategy
Management innovation is the footstone of an enterprise’s sustainable development and the pressing requirement for Loncin to move from excellence to prominence. It’s essential to face the industry-leader and internationalization, promote management ideas, enrich internationally compatible high-level management personnel, optimize management system, increase management efficiency and push forward to realize every strategic targets of Loncin with steady steps.

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